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Just imagine your family in this picture, oh and also imagine it's the beach in the background, not this river-, and maybe everyone is in summer attire and bare feet... That's what I'd like to create for your family! 

My name is Ashley, I'm a professional photographer who just moved to Hawaii and I am looking for families who want their portraits taken! I'm offering very deep discounts during the month of June. Please text or email me for the current rates.



What you'll get out of the deal is:

- A consultation call to talk about outfit choice and styling.

- A 45-60 minute photo session at a location with good light and that is very "Hawaii."

- An online edited gallery where you can view and choose your gorgeous, vibrant, colorful, fun family photos.

-  Five (5) edited, high-resolution digital files of your choice, and IF you want more, you have the option to purchase more files, but you are not obligated to!

- A discount on any printed photos/ photo products if you order through my website.

What I'll get out of the deal is:

- A signed image release for all the people in the photograph granting me permission to use the photos to promote my business.

- A bunch of really great, energetic, colorful, vibrant new photos to fill up my online galleries on my websites, on Facebook, on InstaGram, on my Google and Yelp pages and anywhere else I need to advertise. (Mostly those pages aren't public yet, because I need more photos! - Just FYI)

- (Hopefully) One or two really good reviews from each family on the above mentioned sites to help me jump start my business on the right foot. 

Ready to schedule? It's easy! Please just send me a text or an email telling me how many people are in your family, and how old your kids are. Tell me your availability, and if you have a special place in mind for the photos and we'll go from there!



Have more questions? No worries! I love questions, feel free to shoot me an email or a text and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!



Mahalo for visiting! I look forward to capturing some great photos of you and your family soon!

Love. Mahalo.Photo ~ Ashley

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