My passion is not only to be behind the camera but to also capture moments in your life that you'll look back on, your children will look back on, and even their children will look back on. I, personally, have learned so much from my family through photos and photo albums-- my father never had much hair, my mom was super stylin', my big sister was an insanely cute baby, and my grandma wore matching outfits with her twin until their early 20s!


     I know my grandmother's family was  impoverished, look at all those mouths to feed! But someone, somehow, saved enough money for a professional photo, and I am utterly grateful that they did. It's one of the only photos of my great-grandfather, without it I never would have known that my only uncle looks just like him, or that my grandma was always the smallest. ~ Springer Family pre 1920. 

    What will your grandchildren think when they hold a photo of you and their young parent in their hands?


       I crave for your family to have tangible, actual, real-life, analog, printed-on-paper (or metal or canvas) photos. And I know you want the digital photos.

     Thus my packages offer the best of both worlds! Each includes some form of printed photo(s), (printed using the highest quality inks, at professional labs and on archival quality materials) as well as a USB drive containing 30 edited, ready-to-print or post images from your session. 

-My packages start at $800 (including the sitting fee). All the details can be requested via text, email, fb, or a good old fashioned phone call. 

-A $250* (possibly refundable) deposit is required to hold your photo-session date (and is applied to your final order- yay!)    *$350 for newborn sessions.

-A $250 (non-refundable) package deposit is required the day of your session, and is also applied to your final order-- yay again! It's nice to pay it in pieces... 

-Whatever amount beyond the $500 already paid will be due the day you place your package order.

-Within 2-6 weeks, depending on the package, you'll receive your art & imagery to cherish for generations.      


(BTW when other photographers say they'll give you "all of the images from your session", they really mean they'll give you between 20-40 images that they're willing to take the time to edit. Believe me, you'll be overwhelmed with 100+ images that have minuscule differences that only I can see, and you really don't want the ones where one eye is half shut, or someone's buttons are popping open, or there's super shiny snot under someone's small nose... I'll choose the best and create an online gallery for you, from there you'll choose the feature photos for your products and you'll very much enjoy your 30 files.)

Have questions? Comments? Concerns? I'm willing to discuss any situation, please don't hesitate to reach out to me, I am happiest when you're happy. 

I can't wait to work with you! 

Thank you,

 Ashley Eberlein 


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